3 Yoga Exercise to Loosen Your Hips

3 Yoga Exercise to Loosen Your Hips

Sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your hips. Since our whole body is connected, tight hips can pull on back muscles, causing back injuries. Happy hips = a happy back = a healthy body, mind and soul. These three poses will give your hips all of the love and attention they need to heal from the wrec havoc caused to your hips by sitting all day at your desk.


1) Pigeon
Begin in downward facing dog. Reach your right leg back in the air, then bring your right shin forward, as close to parallel to the front edge of the mat as it can get. Keep your right knee toward your right wrist and your right ankle toward your left wrist.
With your back leg extended long behind you and your toes tucked, lower your hips to the ground. Crawl your hands forward until your head is on the ground and un-tuck your toes. Breathe here for five to ten deep breaths and then repeat on the other side.

2) Bound angle
Begin in a seated position. Bend your knees wide out to the sides, and take the soles of your feet together, about one or two feet in front of you. Take a hold of your ankles with your hands. Take a big inhale to lengthen the spine, and then hinge your torso forward as far as the movement feels comfortable. Drop your head and relax your shoulders. Take five to 10 deep breaths.


3) Half chair half ankle to knee
Begin by standing with your big toes together, outer edges of your feet parallel, arms on either side of you. Bend your knees, sink your hips back like you are sitting down in a chair and reach your arms high to frame your face.
Transfer your weight into your right leg, then hug your left knee into your chest. Cross your left ankle over your right knee. Flex your left foot to protect your knee. Breathe here for at least three deep breaths and then repeat on the other side.

This is a great sequence to either start or end your day. If you’re sitting all day, it will help your body recover — and loosen up.