Can Sex Be Addictive?

Can Sex Be Addictive?

Sex Addiction is a Prism
Addiction to sex is a complex disorder that incorporates many aspects of your:
Socio-cultural environment
Family-of-origin issues
Thinking/feeling processes
and quality of relations with others. sees sex as an addictive prism; depending on the angle you hold it, it can look completely different. It is widely thought that sex addiction, also known as hyper-sexuality, is used as coping mechanism by those who suffer from it – and that it’s totally out of their own control. it is similar to drug addiction ~ because of the powerful chemical and spiritual substances that are released during each intercourse.

What is sex addiction?
Sex addiction is not defined the intensity of sexual desire as we know. Nor is it define by the type or quantity of sexual acts performed. Sex addiction IS, however determined by the sex addict’s continual use of sexual urges, cravings, fantasies and behaviors to gratify infantile emotional needs that went unmet from an earlier life. Sex addiction is a misuse of sex. Our perception of Sex is, after all, Sex is Sex  but it’s not just an act.

Sex can’t undo the past; it can’t make your distant mother love you; it can’t shore up a shaky sense of self if it is already shaky; it can’t make you powerful or important; it can’t give you a sense of self-worth; is doesn’t make you desirable to all women; it doesn’t give you control over anybody else; it doesn’t preclude rejection or abandonment; it doesn’t make the nerds in college change their minds about you; it’s not an achievement or an accomplishment; it can’t change your moods except temporarily; it’s not rebellion for the injustices done to you in your childhood by parents or your church; it doesn’t provide meaning and it’s not an answer to the existential dilemma of living.
All it is a fleeting experience of pleasure, followed by shame, remorse and guilt.

The Compulsive Nature Of Sex Makes It Addictive
Q:What are some of the main symptoms of sex addiction?
A: A compulsive enactment of preoccupied, ritualized  sexual behavior, sex addiction is an obsessive relationship to sexual thoughts, fantasies or activities that an individual continues to engage in despite adverse consequences. These thoughts, fantasies or activities occupy a disproportionate amount of “psychic space” (the inner world of the addict that isn’t conscious, but is emotionally powerful enough to overrule thinking). The result is an imbalance in the addict’s overall functioning in areas such as work, marriage, hobbies, interests and spiritual activities.
Distress, shame and guilt about the behaviors erode the addict’s already fragile sense of self. To be caught in the clutches of addiction, with its loss-of-control, shame and depression, together with its negative consequences on work/relationships/finances/self-esteem, is demoralizing. Yet the benefits to the addict, while in active addiction,  outweigh the costs as the lure of the sexual rush is found to be irresistible, regardless of consuming negative consequences.


What are some of the specific goals of comprehensive sex addiction treatment?

To resolve ambivalence about change;
To prepare you to prevent relapse  by helping you to recognize triggers, urges and cravings, and arm yourself with specific tools for dealing with them;
To recognize and work through painful feelings from childhood that remain alive in the present;
To put issues of shame and a sense of inadequacy to bed;
The discovery of underlying issues of all addiction including lack of self regulation and self care as well as an inability to exercise restraint in the face of destructive impulses;
To recognize and change unconscious belief systems about self, others and the world, including sexuality and intimacy;
To implement sex therapy techniques to overcome obstacles to intimate sexual experience;
To trace the origins of unhealthy relationship patterns that stem from childhood so you can recognize that what worked in the past may be destructive in the present;
To become educated about intimacy skills and attitudes about sex that will help you experience “related sex” as more fulfilling than narcissistic self-centered sex.

Now, it’s your turn
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