What are Skin Tags and Remedies to remove them effectively at Home

What are Skin Tags and Remedies to remove them effectively at Home

Skin Tags
are soft spouted hangings from the skin. They are non-cancerous skin growths found in various areas of the body, caused due to the rupture of skin against with skin. Skin tags are generally found at the Eyelids, armpits, breasts lower portion and upper portion and neck. One tag don’t follow the shape of the another hence they look different and odd. These brownish fleshy skin tags are seen often among obesity people, diabetes and pregnant women.

Skin tags are non- cancerous or benign hanging skin growth. They are composed of nerve cells, fat cells, core fibers, covered with the upper layer of the skin known as epidermis. They can vary in sizes and look like brownish skin bits or dark color flesh bits. They can affect men and women equally.

The scientific name of skin tags is achrochordon. The other names are cutaneous tag, fibroma pendulum, fibro epithelial polyp, soft fibroma and Templeton skin tag. They are harmless even though they raise their growth. These skin tags affect males and female in equal.

Causes of skin tags
Skin tags are seen to observe when groups of collagen as well as blood vessels get inside the skin. Another cause can be rubbing of the skin against skin as in the creases of armpits, neck and groin. Changes observed in hormonal secretions can also give rise to the development of the skin tags. Obese people, diabetics and pregnant women are more prone to skin tags. Certain medication related to steroids can be a cause to form skin tags.


Get the best home remedies to remove skin tags
Ginger By rubbing the raw ginger on the area of skin tags will gradually decrease the tags. Repeat the procedure for two weeks.

Onion Juice –
Do you know how to remove skin tags with onion juice? Slice the onion into pieces and pour some salt in it. Let both of them soak for a whole night. After soaking extract the juice from them and apply in the skin tags area.You can cure the skin tags easily by using this extract for a week.

Lemon Juice 
Extract the juice from lemon and dip cotton balls in it. Apply the juice in direct to the skin tags affected area and leave it to dry. Repeat the same for few days to explore change in the skin tags, later you find them fall.
Pineapple Juice Extract the juice from pineapple and apply it to the skin tags place with the help of cotton balls. If you follow it for thrice a day up to ten days skin tags will be at the far distance for you.

Vitamin E 
Dab the vitamin E to the skin tags and rub it for ten minutes at a time. Repeat it in another time of same day. Follow the two times applying of vitamin E to the tags for ten days and will find good results.

is the best way to go rid of skin tags. Apply the juice of crushed garlic over the affected area and roll it with a band. Repeat the same for three times on a day. Don’t use the same band to roll next time, use a new one.

Nail Polish 
To fade off the skin tags take the fresh nail polish and apply it over the tag or cover the tag with nail polish. Leave it until it dry, repeating the above step two to three times a day will call for the adequate results.

Duct Tape 
Duct tape is an another popular home remedy to remove the skin tag, cover the duct tape on the area of skin tag and handle it for six more days. Remove the tape on the seventh day and you will find the fall of the skin tag along with the duct tape.Aloe Vera Gel Apply the aloe vera juice in direct to the skin tag and massage it for few minutes.

Tea Tree Oil 
Take the cotton balls and soak them on fresh water, to these balls add three drops of tea tree oil and apply it over the skin tags smoothly. Give a gentle massage and relax. Try this for two times a day for a week to grab the nurturing results.

Banana Peel.
How to get rid of skin tags overnight? Take the peel from banana and kept it over the skin tag with the help of a bandage. Sit it for whole night and remove it in the morning. Take care in doing this for a week to fade the skin tags.

Oregano Oil
contains properties that help to cure skin tags in about a month. Mix 6 drops of coconut oil with 3 drops of oregano oil and applies it directly on the skin tag thrice a day. It will eventually dries up and fall off.

Tea Tree Oil
also provides a pain free treatment to remove skin tags. Soak a cotton ball in tea tree oil that has been diluted with some water and massage the skin around the skin tag three times a day
Dandelion Stem Juice helps to dry out the skin tag which falls off on its own. Squeeze the juice from the stem of the dandelion plant and apply it on the skin tag after cleaning the area with soap and water. Cover it with a band aid. Continue the treatment four times a day.

Lemon Juice
is a powerful anti septic which decomposes the cells. Apply fresh lemon juice on the tags with a cotton ball. It need not be washed off, but can be applied over it again four times a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
contains the property to destroy the skin tag tissue. Dilute apple cider vinegar with some water and apply it on the skin tags with a cotton ball. Massage the skin tags with vinegar till they are completely saturated. Continue the treatment thrice a day till the skin tags fall off.

Fig Stem
Juice can help to balance the alkaline-acid level and even make balance over skin. It also helps to get rid of skin tags. Apply the juice of fresh sig stems on the skin tags four times a day for about a month. Garlic is used to improve skin health which gives rise to dry out of skin tags. Grind fresh cloves of garlic to make a paste and apply it directly on the skin tags.

Castor Oil
can be applied on the skin tags by mixing some baking soda in it. Cover it with a band aid. Continue for about a month or till the skin tags fall off.

Banana Peel
is a proven remedy for skin tags. Place pieces of banana peel and secure them with a bandage. Leave it overnight. Continue this treatment daily till the tags fall off.

Fenugreek Seeds
contain the properties to remove skin tags. Soak two spoons of fenugreek seeds in water at night. Drink the water in the morning on empty stomach.

Dental Floss
can be used to remove the skin tags. The dental floss can be tied into a knot on the base of the skin tag in any part of the body. This will stop the blood flow to the tag and it will soon smaller and disappears.

Onion Juice Extract
the onion juice after soaking slices of onion overnight with salt. Now apply the juice on the areas with skin tags in the evening and cover them. Rinse it off with warm water in the morning. Continue the treatment daily for a week.

Nail Polish
is a good remedy to remove skin tags. Cover the tags with nail polish and leave it to dry completely. Apply fresh paint three times a day to get rid of skin tags.

Duct Tape

can be applied on the skin tag and left for a week. The tag will come off when the tape is removed. This treatment can be used for removal of warts and moles.